It should be forever taught, in all war colleges, that going to war means STAYING.
We stayed after WWII. If you leave, what was fought for will come undone.

A Snip and a Tuck
The powers of the President has been reduced over time. The survival of the nation depends on timely action, an element missing in the present system. Therefore I call for a Constitutional Convention that shall add power for the President and also repair two areas of concern, the Media and corrupt government.

Sacrosanct News: The country needs news and Media groups to hold truth so that all citizens may know the real facts of the day. While editorializing and opinion shall remain, a specification to the press, imposing that "News Departments" must adhere to truth with continuous checks and harsh punishment. 20 years mandatory with fines.

Politicians do not need term limits, but corruption should receive harsh punishment. 20 years mandatory, confiscation of monies, all parties.

We need to add an Office of Counsel to the Executive, consisting of one member from every state, each having a State Counsel based on  population and identifying state issues that advise the State Counselor. These will be enjoined during proceedings of censure of the President by a committee of Senators elected within the Senate. All Counselors to the Executive shall be elected by popular vote of the people.

Corrupt politicians may be impeached and routed from office by vote of the Counsel to the Executive.

The Counsel to the Executive hires and installs all Federal bureaucrats, who in turn hire all Federal employees. All Federal Bureaucrats henceforth shall have term limits, reducing corruption.

The Counsel to the Executive also may vote to hold a Referendum on the President - which is essentially a population-wide recall election. They may also vote to censure any elected official of the government.

The vast imposition of modern technology has necessitated that a Constitutional Convention consider improving efficiency by increasing the powers of the President to attain a near Benign Dictatorship, ending the untenable ineptitude inherent with the present system.

An election to the Office of the President shall take place every five years. 

Solution for Islamic Terrorism         ~ Where the road winds ~

Plan for eliminating terrorists and terrorist activities and permanently controlling failed states by the larger community of nations.

    -Create College of Civilized Nations and declare War on Extremism Worldwide.
    -Legally define Failed States and create specified plans to regulate them into a civilized future.
    -Remove terrorists from society.
    -Place Failed States under supervised long-term restructuring plans.
    -Create international education system, with international scholarship features to
       provide curriculums that include the sciences, history and world economies. 

Community of Civilized Nations
Upon hearing of the atrocities, Gandhi said, “If there were ever a cause for war, it would be a war to stop the Nazis...”

Organized Terrorism has brought war to the world. It has arisen in failed states and abetted in religious schools; and now lives in three generations. It is an under-current through world societies but cannot be defeated when protected in autonomous regions.

To be routed, it must be pursued in all countries, through all networks and using all data. Terrorism can be defeated with a coordinated response of civilized nations acting together.

Failed States
Failed States are wrecks on the world stage. At some point, a failed nation must regain itself or become an open sore for the larger world. Such situations lead the world to consider long-term solutions.

So created, a league of Civilized Nations could adopt contingency-sets to describe 20 year, 30 year and 60 year re-structuring plans. Under such, a failed state simply relinquishes autonomy and gives over governance to a specified plan.

Intervention requires prudent steps.
A shared military obligation enjoins and occupies when the following is engaged:
-As this is war, all terrorist criminals are permanently expunged whenever they are encountered.
-Create or rebuild roads, power and infrastructure. Natural resource and energy sharing are coordinated.
-Set up import / export modalities and business investment.
-Most important: Create, rebuild and enhance schools into a new international schools system where all children shall be educated for a civilized world. (This educational system should extend to all nations)

Enlightening and educating youth is the only constant job for civilization. Establishing an international, shared life throughout the world requires stable social environments and elevated education.

Stability in governments and education has become international responsibility; and it is only through coordinating a common education will future generations peaceably pursue successful lives.
With thus the world is healed.

Robert Cole
Box 4073, Medford, Or, 97501
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